Get a Sneak Peek Inside Your Drains/Pipes

When your drains are being affected by something beyond the P-trap, you need more than just a monkey-wrench. With our drain line camera inspections, we’ll get a direct view of your pipe obstruction and its exact location.
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    You Must See the Clog to Clear the Clog

    For complicated clogs like root infestation, deep blockages and build-up, and other strange obstructions, it is important to get your eyes on the problem to determine the best way to keep your drains flowing. Our drain-scope technology is a fantastic approach to avoid what would otherwise be an endless process of elimination to figure out the problem.

    Camera inspections save time and money:

    • Locate invasive roots that are blocking drains.
    • Find the source of a leak before cracking into a finished surface.
    • Locate pipe and drain splits and the optimal flow direction.
    Drain Scoping

    Always find the ‘root’ of the problem

    Camera Inspections Find the Root of the Problem

    Across Oxford, Elgin, and Norfolk Counties

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    Find out why your drains are clogging or draining slowly with a camera inspection from B.R.’s Plumbing & Heating Inc. Contact us or call today to schedule a camera inspection of your pipes.

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