Canada’s Air Quality Declines as Wildfires Proceed


Wildfires Proceed

Wildfires proceed down though Quebec and towards Ontario as the air quality declines rapidly. There are many people in Canada and even New York that are struggling to breathe today.  Environment Canada has urged people to stay inside because of the poor air quality and side effects it can have on your health. In the Tillsonburg area, the Air Quality Index is at an unhealthy 62 AQI today with a high level of pollution. Environment Canada is also urging people to wear a N95 mask if you need to go outside to reduce inhaling any fine particles that might be in the air from the fires.
 wildfires set trees ablaze across Canada

Helpful Tips

BRs Plumbing and Heating wanted to share some helpful tips to keep your indoor air quality at its best.

  • If you have an HRV or ERV, turn it off or unplug it.   
  • Keep your windows closed, minimize the ability for the outside air to enter your home.  
  • Check your furnace filter and make sure it is clean.


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